Monday, 10 June 2013

Strings by Kendall Grey

I’m going to be completely honest and say that the only thing I heard about this book was that the author’s facetious comments offended some people. I read the explanation after the revolt, but I honestly didn’t care. Personally, I didn’t take what the author wrote to heart, and in truth, it should have no bearing on how good (or horrible) a book is. If anything, the ‘negative’ press made me want to read this book just that much more.

I guess there was also a warning at the beginning of this book which I totally by-passed in eagerness to start reading this story. Having read the entire thing, I would seriously suggest to anyone contemplating starting this book that they not follow my lead. Luckily, I didn’t fall into any of the categories, but if you happen to, you should not proceed to Chapter 1.

Letty is honest. She isn’t searching for THE happy ending in her relationships, just A happy ending (!). Then she meets Shades. Hilarity ensues, with a whole lot of raunchy sex. There is one scene that really makes you scratch your head and wonder if the guys from MythBusters can validate any of it to see if it can really be done.

This book is descriptive to say the least, and in no way will appeal to anyone who giggles at the sight of a naked ass on TV. It’s in-your-face sex, a fair dose of humour thrown in, and major a dash of supreme rocker-hotness. All the warnings that the author was considerate enough to provide hold true, and are in there for a reason. Just when you think that there are no more ways to describe anatomic female/male parts, the author unleashes a new ingenious vocabulary.

I think it would surprise many on how funny and clever this story really is. To those who enjoyed the book but not what the author said/meant, get off your high horse and give credit where credit is due. Because this author does know how to write a good book.

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