Sunday, 30 December 2012

Easy by Tammara Webber

I follow a total of 11 people on Twitter, and one of my favourite authors recommended this to her followers (she knows who she is), and like a good little reader that I am, I got the ebook.

I'm about to admit something which others really don't get: If I'm 'iffy' about a book, I'll buy it in ebook format, and then if I love it (which I usually do), I'll buy it in paperback as well.

This was the case of Easy. I wasn't ready to go on another roller coaster after Beautiful Disaster (even after 3 months) and was trying to read something more subdued. My heart wasn't ready to accept anything that resembled Abby and Travis. I was also a little reluctant because I really didn't think I was the target age group for these authors, and it's not like I was trying to reclaim or relive my youth. I purchased the ebook and didn't have any qualms about letting it sit there for a day or two. That didn't work. I think there were a mere 30 minutes between syncing my e-reader and taping the cover page for Easy.

I started the book when I usually start all my books - right before bed. I was obsessed with it within the first 4 pages. There is something about this certain group of authors and their ability to capture all the amazingness of what it is to be young, while still remembering that there are some shitty times in store for everyone, but that one can overcome with fantastic people by their side.

The Boy (because if you haven't read it, it the name might give it away) and Jacqueline don't have an ideal first encounter. It actually sucks to say the very least. But there's something very comforting about Jacqueline not giving up hope and shutting down completely. The hopeless romantic in me was cheering from the sidelines from the get-go, and even through the bumps in their story, I kept cheering them on, thinking only happy thoughts.

I finished the book around 1:30 in the morning, and bought the paperback on Boxing Day. I shoved it at my friend and told her to read it. If not for the entire story, then just for the anticipation of Economics.

I've reread it a handful of times since getting the first version just over a month ago - thank you TW for writing a book worthy of more than one format.

Hopeless by Colleen Hoover

I purchased this ebook Dec.28th/2012, and according to my e-reader, it took exactly 7 hours from start to finish. It should be noted that I took a few breaks to do a couple of loads of laundry. So really it was 6 hours of pure reading.

I didn't know anything about this book, except that I really liked the author. I just finished her 2 other books, and it was killing me not to have anything else lined up. I quickly scanned the Twitter-verse and this book was mentioned a couple of times.

Within 3 minutes, it was on my e-reader. Because I didn't want to be a horrible mother neglecting her son for yet another book, I played superheros with O for 15 minutes until he said I wasn't doing it right and wanted to watch Thomas.

And so it began. From the very first page, I was hooked. I wanted Six to be my best-friend (though I have nothing against my current one). I had this sudden urge to go to a grocery store in hopes of finding Holder. As I kept reading, I realized that I had no idea what was going to happen next. Once in a while when reading, I feel a deja vu coming on and the rest of the book is ruined for me. I've been lucky with avoiding that for some time now (knock on wood) but had that nagging thought in the back of my mind like I was pushing my luck by reading 3 books by the same author in 3 days. Without giving much away, there were some crucial scenes that had me flabbergasted. I had to put the book down and splash water on my face just so I didn't cruse the book Gods.

There were parts that broke my heart, and parts that had me clapping my hands like a giddy school girl and screeching 'yaaay'.

I love LOVE. And I love LOVE even more when authors get it right (no matter what the relationships).

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

I'm known to reread books again. And again. And again. Nothing quite prepared me for Beautiful Disaster.

I ordered the book online the day it was released in Canada and thankfully received it 2 days later. I had to be up very early the next day, and J pleaded with me not to stay up all night reading. I was headed to cottage country for a week and he thought I should just read it while I was there.

I love my husband, but it all went in one ear and out the other. I will admit that I tried, though. I left the book on the dining room table with sincere intention of packing it with me. My son (lets call him O) was asleep and I was getting ready for my early departure. I must have passed the book 5 times, each time staring it for a fraction longer than the last. I was trying really hard, and then I caved.

I reasoned that I would read for an hour or so, and then save the rest for the trip. I looked at the clock and it read 10:30 and I had to be up for 6. I figured if I get to sleep at midnight at the latest, 6 hours of sleep isn't the worst I've ever had.

I finished the book in less than 7 hours. I got less than one hour of sleep because O woke up before 6 and when J saw me, he knew his pleas had fallen on deaf ears. I looked in the mirror and noticed my incredibly blood-shot eyes. And at that moment, I knew there would be more of these kind of nights with this book.

Within one week, I read Beautiful Disaster 4 times. Since first cracking the spine, I've read it more times I can count. Not to mention that I own the audio book as well (It makes it easier when I have to take the dog for a walk and am jonsing for some Abby and Travis). Someone somewhere will mention something that triggers a part from the book, and I immediately have to start again.

I'm not going to include the summary of the plot. If you are reading this in the first place, you've probably already seen the synopsis, heard of Jamie McGuire and her website (, or heard at least something about this book. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go and Google it. Follow her on Twitter, Like her on Facebook, read her website -  I don't care, as long as you just read the book.

If she's hot and female, Travis Maddox has probably slept with her. If you cross him, you will have your ass handed to you. If Abby Abernathy can't deal, she will run. They have to work through self-inflicted drama like no ones business, and that's what makes it believable. It's love. Love isn't always easy and no one person is perfect. I've read reviews that depict an unhealthy relationship between these two, raising concern about Travis dependency for Abby and Abby's ignorance about the obvious, but I think something big is lost on those readers: first loves are intense, dramatic, messy, and something only the people involved understand. It might not the be every readers' ideal love story, but to me, it's beautiful.


Putting my thoughts about books into cyberspace is a very taunting task, but I love to read, and frankly, all these thoughts I have are taking up so much mental space that it's beginning to get difficult to fall asleep at night. And I really love my sleep.

But I'll give up sleep for a good book any night. And that's how you'll know if I really liked something. If I start the post with "Just downed my 2nd coffee because I was up all night reading ...." (or something along those lines). I might not be a very happy person when I wake up after only 2 hours of sleep, but I'll be content enough because I read something awesome.

Speaking of which, my husband (lets call him J) was kind enough to bring me an extra large coffee this morning (1 milk, 1 sugar - in case curiosity over this matter ever gets the best of you) as I was up until 2 am reading.

I've read some really great books. I've read some horrible books. I've stopped reading authors because their plots are predictable. I've started reading authors because I was going through a reading dry-spell. I admit I sometimes do judge a book by its cover. When all is said and done (and I'm sleep deprived and jacked up on caffeine), I just want to 'miss' the story itself. It's the only way I know that it was worth it.

I'll be honest about what I like and what I don't. But in the end, I'm reading and buying these books because I bought 2 tall bookcases from IKEA for this sole purpose of filling the 12 shelves with books. Some dream about walk-in closets for their clothes. I dream about bookshelves for my books.