Monday, 30 December 2013

Take This Regret series by A.L. Jackson

This is the 'conversation' that I had with myself during the reading for Take This Regret (Book 1) and If Forever Comes (Book 2). Now keep in mind that I didn't actually talk out loud (because then I would really have issues). I spent all day Sunday reading both these book, and I'd absolutely do it again in a heart beat.

For the sake of clarity, lets call the emotional side of me ME1 and the logical side ME2.

Take This Regret

ME1: Christian is such an asshat. A.S.S.H.A.T. ASSHAT!
ME2: Dude's just scared. Chill the eff out and just read the rest of the book. You're only at the beginning.

sometime later...

ME1: OK - he was an asshat. I see the redeeming qualities. But NO to Matthew.
ME2: See I told you. And stop using the word asshat.
ME1: Fine...WHAT? He just left?! REALLY? Effing fight for her, you shit!
ME2: wtf is wrong with you?
ME1: shut-up! You don't get me. This is not an easy read.

a bit later...

ME1: Man do these two have their truck load of issues to sort through...but you gotta admit, that's some serious love. Like EPIC love. Like Carrie and Big. Allie and Noah. Beauty and the Beast. Hazel and Augustus. Bella and Edward.
ME2: I know you don't drink but really? Bella and Edward? Just keep reading.
ME1: But what is he messes up again? What if she can't forgive him? What if he leaves again? What will happen to them? What will happen to Lizzie? Will Matthew kill him? I LOVE NATALIE!

even later...

ME1: *sobbing and wiping my eyes with my sweatshirt*
ME2: You are too emotional with this book; are you PMSing?
ME1: *still sobbing but mentally checking the dates - nope!* B...ut s-she's hurting e-everyone! S-sh-he doesn't care about Lizzie. H..ow c-can s-she do this?

at the end...

ME1: ok - I won't unfollow the author *sighing with contentment*
ME2: wtf?
ME1: what? I just sighed. Get off my back. I won't let you take this away from me just because you don't understand this kind of devotion. This is the kind of all-consuming love that very few people in real life experience! What part of EPIC did you not understand? This is his family! POEM WORTHY!
ME2: why the face, not the other wtf! You get too invested in these books and relationships.
ME1: HA! the jokes on you - there's a Book 2.

If Forever Comes

ME2: I think I said this before, BUT chill the eff out and just read the rest of the book. You're only at the beginning.

a while later...

ME2: stop crying...
ME1: *sobbing*
ME1: *now sobbing and pulling the blanket over my head so I can hide from all of it*
ME2: Your iPad is about to die...

around 50%...

ME2: did you just Tweet the author to 'fix' this? Because you know she wrote this book a while ago and this story already has an ending right?
ME1: I was nice...I said please *sobbing again*. She has to fix this. She can't do this to me. She can't do this to them!

after a mini sob-fest...

ME1: I believe that things will work out. I believe that things will work out. I belie-
ME2: Are you talking to yourself?
ME1: You're kidding right?

at the end...

ME1: I love him! I love them! I love the author! I love this story! I love that I hated this story because I hated Christian and now I don't hate him!
ME2: You're one exclamation-mark away from stalker territory.

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