Sunday, 25 May 2014

What Happens Tomorrow by Elle Michaels

This is a story of heartache, and not necessarily the kind that can be erased with a carton of ice-cream, a chick-flick, and your best-friend. Brooke is broken, and it seems that Tyler is just the person to bring her back and slowly help her mend her heart and soul.

This was a very sweet story with a lot of pain, but the one ray of sunshine was Jenna. She had me in stitches. In a story about overcoming insurmountable grief, it was a nice surprise to get a dose of humour. All the key secondary characters were doing everything in their power to help Brooke move on with her life - it really showed dedication to all the different kinds of love. I wish that there had been more about Tyler and Brooke's earlier friendship. By about 75%, I felt that the story was finally setting a good pace, but then I realized that it would be over very soon.

I think anyone who adores all-consuming romance (with very little drama) will like this one. 

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