Sunday, 8 September 2013

THE "Because it has something to do with GYP Series" GIVEAWAY

What you have to do:

SHARE this link. I don't care how. Facebook, Twitter, mail a printout of this to a friend. Just share it. More people need to know about this series and this author. When +Jenn Cooksey eventually takes over the world, you'll want to be a part of her team.

Up for grabs:

Once I figure out, 1 person will win all of the stuff on the left. In case it needs to be clarified:

- 1 ebook of Shark Bait
- 1 ebook of The Other Fish in the Sea
- 1 ebook of Shark Out of Water
- EVERYTHING in the picture in the top left corner

If works the way I think it does, then the next 3 people will receive all 3 books in the Grab Your Pole Series.

I don't want to drag this out and have you wait for the awesomeness that is this prize package, so you have until Friday September 13th, 2013 (yep, not kidding!) 11:59pm EST to do what you need to do.

Have fun!


I figured out! I'd say yay me, but I think my 4-year old could have done it. Anyhoo - it seems all the people on this list need to send me ( their emails, and lucky Katja needs to send me her mailing address. 


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  2. Eeeep! Great giveaway! I LOVE LOVE LOVE these books!

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    1. Hey! I guess you didn't see the update but I need all your details to send you the PRIZE!

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    1. Hey..can you send me your email? I have some ebooks to send to you!

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  7. Hey everyone - Look at the update on the post!