Saturday, 11 January 2014

Intermission (Novelettes) and The Ballad (The Bridge #1) by Ashley Pullo

Intermission is essentially 4 novelettes all told from the point of view of the main characters from The Bridge series - Adam, Natalie, Chloe, and Zach.

The Ballad is the story of two of these characters and their hate, life, and glorious love for each other.

These books take place in various locations that really add to the stories, but most of it is set in NYC. It might have been the city, or it might have been Natalie and Chloe, but no matter how hard I tired, the feeling of euphoria while I was reading these books was the same one I had every time I watched a certain TV show set in NYC about true friendship and finding the most epic kind of love.

I finished Intermission and The Ballad a couple of days ago. When I came across the acknowledgements, this hollowness engulfed me. It was mind-boggling that this story was over. What was more crazy is that it made me think of my absolute love for Sex and the City (which I watched religiously for 7 years) and how even after almost 10 years since the last episode, I'm still not over that show. When it ended I cried. And when withdrawal becomes too hard even now, I put the DVD of the last few episodes and vicariously relive the best nights of my life, set in the most magical city in the world - NYC.

These books are not something I can get over. They're not something I want to get over. I will reread these books when withdrawal from Natalie, Chloe, Adam, and Zach becomes too difficult. I will reread them anytime I hear any reference to Saved by the Bell. I will reread them whenever I read a book that doesn't get true and honest love right. In 10 years, these books will still consume me. 

I'm too tired to regurgitate the synopsis that you can easily find on Amazon or Goodreads, but needless to say, if it means that I've just spent 20 minutes on one of the most uncomfortable computer chairs known to man to write my thoughts about these books, you should be one-clicking anything by this author like your next meal depended on it.

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