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 INTERMISSION is three novelettes and one bonus short story 
from the cast of The Bridge Series.

THE INTERLUDE ~“Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking outward in the same direction.”
― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

When the snarky Natalie LeGrange meets a handsome stranger on a train to New York City, her immature philosophy on life is suddenly challenged. A casual relationship quickly evolves into a beautiful friendship, but the ultimate sacrifice must be made in order for the other to follow the stars and dream.

THE INTERPRETATION ~ "Evian is naïve backwards." --Reality Bites

Chloe LeGrange lives impulsively in the moment... but what if she receives a glimpse into her future?
Join the dynamic heroine of The Ballad as she struggles with her present, yearns for the simplicity of her past and anticipates the inception of her future.

THE INTERMEZZO ~ "Je ne regrette rien." --Edith Piaf

When Zach Parker returns to NYC on leave from Afghanistan, he only wants two things: Natalie LeGrange and Virgil's barbecue. Continuing the heartwarming story of The Interlude, Zach and Natalie prove that love is selfless and timeless.
Set against the charming backdrop of a Manhattan Christmas, Zach and Natalie will once again capture the essence of love, laughter and the power to dream.

THE MISINTERPRETATION ~ When eighteen-year-old Adam Ford crashes a party in Toronto, a brief encounter with a beautiful girl interrupts his superior perception. Being wrong has never felt so right...


These books take place in various locations that really add to the stories, but most of it is set in NYC. It might have been the city, or it might have been Natalie and Chloe, but no matter how hard I tired, the feeling of euphoria while I was reading these books was the same one I had every time I watched a certain TV show set in NYC about true friendship and finding the most epic kind of love.

I finished Intermission and The Ballad a couple of days ago. When I came across the acknowledgements, this hollowness engulfed me. It was mind-boggling that this story was over. What was more crazy is that it made me think of my absolute love for Sex and the City (which I watched religiously for 7 years) and how even after almost 10 years since the last episode, I'm still not over that show. When it ended I cried. And when withdrawal becomes too hard even now, I put the DVD of the last few episodes and vicariously relive the best nights of my life, set in the most magical city in the world - NYC.

These books are not something I can get over. They're not something I want to get over. I will reread these books when withdrawal from Natalie, Chloe, Adam, and Zach becomes too difficult. I will reread them anytime I hear any reference to Saved by the Bell. I will reread them whenever I read a book that doesn't get true and honest love right. In 10 years, these books for me will still a perfect example of how some writers just get it right.

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When did you become an author?  I have always been a storyteller, but I became an author when I hit “publish” on July 2, 2013.

What is your writing process like?  I’ve written a couple of screenplays and tend to use the same technique for my novels.  For me, it begins with the characters.  I develop them to the point where I know their secrets, their psyche and what clothes are hanging in their closets.  The characters need a place to live outside my head so I create a visual setting based on what I know.  The last step is the dialogue, or script.  Yes, my characters are given a script and and they almost always follow it.  I never force a plot, I'd rather have a theme and a distinctive style. 

Where do you draw inspiration?  Mostly from music, sometimes from television characters.  I also people-watch and combine people I know into a singular character.  Oddly, I get a ton of ideas in my sleep or in the shower, maybe because these are the only places my children don’t bother me.

Do you have a favorite author?  Andre Gide.  He’s dead, so he won’t appreciate my shout-out.  Gide’s subject matter is considered vile and risqué, but his style of writing is amazing!  He perfected mise en abyme by giving the reader stories within a story, on top of a story and after a story.  And that dude rocked the ellipse.  As far as contemporary authors, I love John Green.  His characters are impeccably developed and relevant to several generations.  Check out Will Grayson, Will Grayson... genius!

What is the best compliment someone can give you?  That I'm a genius.  Joking.  That I look like Charlize Theron.  Honestly, the best compliment is being appreciated for my style of writing.  That truly makes me proud.

LIKE the following things:  words, vivid colors, dogs, Pottery Barn, the ocean, dichotomy and Christian Bale.

I LOVE the following things:  my children, my husband, my family, red velvet cupcakes, Starbucks, LOST, television in general, Brandi Carlile and my fans, always.

Texas forever, New York for now. ​

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