Sunday, 26 January 2014

Raw by Belle Aurora

WARNING - this review contains a few more swear words than normal and what some may consider spoilers.

Is the title of this book Raw because it's War backwards? Because people who read this book will most likely start riots that will lead to war? Is that it? Did I get it right? I think I did.

Not going to lie, but a damsel in distress falling in love with her stalker was...unwise. Not completely out of the realm of acceptance, but still okay-what-the-fuck-is-wrong-with-you uncomfortable. Then I read a bit more, totally loved the characters, and all of a sudden, Twitch was okay. Now by this point, I kind of figured some things out, and yet I saw no reason to quit. This freaking book owned me. 

I wasn't crazy about some of the parts though. I mean, if you've read the story (and liked/loved it), and know what happens during training, you'd be heartless cow to think nothing of it. But still I put my heart on the proverbial chopping block. And you know what happened? It got fucking julienned. Belle Aurora did to my heart what Julia Child did to freaking carrots!

Of course towards the end I'm convinced that my iPad is a piece of shit and broken. Because there's no way I'm at 95% and I'm reading THAT! Stupid Apple. They need to make reliable products that don't mess with readers' heads. But NO! I actually get to 100% and turn my iPad around to see if I'm missing something as if I was reading an actual paperback. So now my heart that was shredded was tossed in the blender, and the damn appliance was set to puree. Just great. Just fucking great. I have domestic obligations and I'm hangover like a college kid on spring break.

War - what is it good for? To spell Raw. Because that's exactly how I feel right now.

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