Monday, 29 December 2014

DAY 8: The Best of 2014 Blog Hop - Our Favourite Indie Books/Authors

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Ella Frank and her Temptation series blew it out of the water for me this past year. It's M/M and it's so freaking hot that it has serious potential to cause a baby-boom. Logan and Tate have what most people can only dream about. Sure it's a book, but wouldn't it be nice if such carnal want actually exists?

What? The Bear, Otter, and the Kid series made my list yet again? Damn straight skippy. Now excuse me while I take a quick break and start re-reading this series so I can etch into memory every freaking morsel of what made this series one of the best I've ever read. T.J. Klune has become a automatic one-click for me.

This list needs Ashley Pullo. It needs her because she wrote The Album and The Ballad. It needs her because I know one day, she won't be 'indie' anymore and I want to be able to say I-knew-her-when...And when that day comes, the world will know that she has some serious chops in the writing department. Also, have you seen her rap to Salt-n-Pepa? Just look for the video and you'll get why my obsession runs so deep.

Coming Home by Priscilla Glenn was everything I wanted, exactly when I wanted it. She has somehow tapped into my psyche and knows exactly what to write and when to release it, which coincides with exactly when I need to read something from her.

I knew I was going to buy Love, in English before I even knew what it was about. All because of the cover. And then I actually read the book, and I was so taken aback that it was by the same author who wrote The Artists Trilogy. I think someone who is that versatile and has that much writing talent needs to be on a lot of 2014 'FAVOURITES' lists.

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  1. From your list, I've only read Karina Halle's Love in English and Love in Spanish. Here are some of my indies: Mia Sheridan, JA Huss, Tara Sivec, Annalisa Grant, Chanda Hahn, Denise Grover Swank, Amalie Silver, Carey Heywood, TK Rapp, Hugh Howey and Jasinda Wilder (I think those are all indie). Thanks!