Wednesday, 10 December 2014

The Album by Ashley Pullo

This review has been in the making for the last month and a bit. Why? Because I honestly didn't think that I would do this book justice. Or I'd end up using hearts all over this review and that would be it.

The Album is a story told in 5 narratives. It takes place over the span of about 17 years. You have Chloe LeGrange, who is a talented musician searching for a purpose. Natalie LeGrange can only be described as a lovable free-spirit chasing her dreams. Then there's Adam Ford. He's a perceptive attorney longing for a surprise. Zach Parker, the philosophical Marine defending love will break your heart. And Chris Brooks, the charming Texan with perpetual bad timing, will make you genially smile.

The story of these 5 characters is intricately intertwined with sometimes such subtle details that you'll have to read every word with fear of missing the crucial piece that makes the puzzle whole. This is not your typical NA but there's some seriously hot bow-chick-wow-wow. It's not a tragedy but I promise you that you will be crying as your heart is getting fractured. It's not a comedy but you will be in stitches when the timing is just right.

The message of this book can be a lot of different things to all the different readers who I desperately pray will give this story and this author a chance. But for me, it's a story of longing for something that's almost unattainable. There is something very comforting about the writing, the connection I feel to the characters, and that underlying hope that everyone has a place that they belong. It's like being away for a very long time, and finally coming home.

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