Saturday, 12 January 2013

The Vincent Boys & The Vincent Brothers by Abbi Glines

For the love of all that is pick-up trucks, bon-fires, and the Vincent Boys! I am in love (sigh!). I get that this is probably geared towards a younger audience, but I'll probably be reading these books well into the next decade.

I had to ask the author which one to read first, because I didn't want to glance at the back covers. Besides seeing on social media that everyone was enamoured with the books, I really didn't have anything else to go on. I honestly just went to the bookstore, picked them up, rushed to the checkout, hauled-ass home, and started reading.

I read both in less then a day and totally neglected my 3-year old son. I'm currently sleep deprived and jacked-up on too much coffee, but the books were so worth it. Thankfully, my son is understanding, even when I accidentally called him Beau, andthen Sawyer, while reading the second book.

There are some out there that would take issue with the way that some of these characters act. They are teenagers for crying out loud! Don't even try to look at either of these books from a different age perspective. It won't work. You'll ruin two great stories. As a teenager, it was fun to lust after someone and to do things that you wouldn't be able to get away with in your twenties (or even later). Both these books really capture the best (and sometimes not the greatest) moments of what it is to be young.

I've never want to relive my high school days, but if they were anything like these books, I would go back in a heartbeat. I'd even put up with a certain bitch (because there really isn't another word for her) if it meant I'd get to experience even a tenth of what any of these characters had. For a reader to want to relieve those days speaks volumes about the awesomeness of these books.

I really can't say much more without giving the stories away. Just start with The Vincent Boys and make sure you have The Vincent Brothers ready to go for right after. Call in sick to work if you have to.

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