Saturday, 26 January 2013

Love Unscripted by Tina Reber

I took a trip last weekend to meet some amazing authors, and I think the flying messed with my sleep a bit. And that's why it took me longer than my average 7 hours to read this book, but not for the lack of trying. I drank more coffee than usual to ensure that I wouldn't fall asleep on my commuter train. I could not fathom giving up a spare moment for anything other than Taryn and Ryan. At some point, I should have probably been doing some laundry or studying for an upcoming exam, but I just couldn't bring myself to close the covers.

I am a huge romantic, and this is exactly how I want a book to be written. It doesn't throw the characters together first chance they get, nor does it sugar coat the more difficult issues in relationships. I cannot for even one moment imagine what it would be like to be that "public", but I was very grateful that the author didn't make it seem like everything was coming up roses.

I get that every story has the main characters that the readers are supposed to devote themselves to, but I think it speaks volumes to the skill of the writer when I find myself captured by the secondary characters just as much. This book doesn't have random characters thrown into the mix just for s***s and giggles. All the players seemed to be well-thought out, thus ensuring their relevance to the story of Taryn and Ryan.

Doing an hour-long kettlebell class on 3 hours of sleep at 9am on Saturday is not recommended. I have authors I will make this exception for, and Tina Reber is now one of them.

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