Friday, 1 February 2013

Heart Like Mine by Amy Hatvany

I think I have to mention that this book is not available to the masses until March. It was sent to me by the publisher as a complete surprise. I was not asked to review it, nor was it given to me in favour of a good review. The following opinions are mine, and mine only. If you know me, you know I love to read; it consumes me. I read another book by Amy Hatvany, and it blew me away. I feel so privileged to have been given to opportunity to read “Heart Like Mine”.

I can pinpoint the exact page that I fell in love with this book (8 if you were curious). I’m not sure why I was expecting anything other than perfection, but shame on me for thinking it was only going to be “good”.

This is not a light read, and anyone who has ever lost a significant person in their life can attest to that. With a fairly heavy subject matter, it’s refreshing to see that the characters are not whiny, desperately tying to “fix” everything. They're dealing with the cards they were dealt in the best way possible. They are honest in their actions; their moments of fear and happiness. I was so emotionally invested in this family dynamic. I started crying when Grace acknowledged her fears, and bawled my eyes out when Victor did the same. I didn’t for a moment think that any outburst was unnecessary, no matter by which character – it made it real.

I think what “made” this books for me was how the story was told from the various points of view, during different time periods. I’ve read a lot, and I can assure that this is not always done in the best interest of the story. It can be completely irrelevant and can do a huge injustice to the characters. This author was perfect in her character development, in that she showed a direct correlation between the past and the present.

I wasn’t expecting the typical “happily ever after” because this is not that type of book. This is about life. And as we all know, life cannot always be wrapped up in pretty paper with a beautiful bow on top. Even if you wrap it in newspaper and use tuck tape, a gift is a gift.

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