Thursday, 21 November 2013

Making Faces by Amy Harmon

On very rare occasions, I read a book that makes me believe. On very rare occasions, I read a book that leaves me speechless. Where I have to Google synonyms for simple words to make sure that everything I'm experience is captured. On very rare occasions, I read one line and start crying. I'm overwhelmed by the magnificent story that I regress and forget the English language. I can't speak; only cry. 

The first 25% of the story:

buoyant cheerful comfortable confident eager enthusiastic rosy sanguine trusting upbeat calm content faithful high anticipating anticipative assured at-ease blithe elated emboldened expecting forward-looking hoping inspirited keeping-the-faith lighthearted looking-forward-to reassured rose-coloured satisfied serene trustful

The next 26 - 80% of the story:

abashed aghast alarmed anxious apprehensive aroused blanched cowardly cowed daunted discouraged disheartened dismayed distressed disturbed faint-hearted frightened frozen have-cold-feet horrified in-awe intimidated nervous panic-stricken perplexed perturbed petrified rattled run-scared scared scared-stiff scared to death shocked spooked startled stunned suspicious terrified terror-stricken timid timorous trembling upset worried

The rest of the story:

Affirmed for me that there are some beautiful writers out there.

Because every second, minute, hour I spent with the words on these pages tore me apart. The glue that's holding me together right now is the absolute perfection of this kind of love.

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