Sunday, 10 November 2013

Night Owl by M. Pierce

I shit you not, I one-clicked this because of one word in the title. I have a thing for owls.

From the very first sentence, I loved the writing style. Very much to the point. It felt like the author was cutting through all the bull-shit. I quickly realized that this book was intense. No doubt comparisons will be made to others in this genre. If that's what gets you to read this book, then so be it. But make up your own mind and love (or hate) this book for what it is.

Laurence is the perfect wing man. Every man needs a Laurence.

Little Bird was so much stronger than I thought her character would be when I started reading this book. Not a martyr, but a realist. She chooses to act in ways that some might compare to a doormat, but life isn't perfect, and you try to make the best of really crappy situations

Night Owl is a grade-A asshole with very few redeeming qualities (the few he does have include the car/lawn scene). 

Until he's not and your heart is destroyed for him. And not like a crumpled piece of paper. Mine felt like it had been put through the shredder, taken out and cut up with scissors, and then burned in a fire pit. And in case my recovery for even a moment gave me hope, it was pushed off a cliff with the final words. At this point, I'm still trying to figure out if I flew off the edge with a parachute.

I live for broken characters who manage to redeem themselves. Their path to salvation isn't always pretty but the end result restores some of my faith in the human character every.single.time. Even if they are fictional.

I was addicted to this book. I'm still reeling from it.

God this was so vague...

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